The Best Part About Becoming a Police Officer

Most people have never realized the many benefits that are associated with pursuing a career in the police work force. There are so many benefits that you can have if you prefer to work in the law enforcement field. When you join the police force, you will get many chances of saving peoples lives that are on dangerous situations. sometimes, it may involve removing a victim out of a burning car and providing first aid before medical practitioners arrive. When you save people from accidental situations, they will always appreciate you and recommend your job repentance to authorities that may promote your position to a higher rank in the law enforcement field.

In your law enforcement career you will mostly find people at are at their worst. Gang members, thieves, drug addicts, spousal abusers and violence members of a community. When working in the police force, you will have a unique opportunity to show criminal members the best way to live their lives. Most law breakers are usually captive and if treated right, they will listen to you and change their motives. Most people who violate the law grew up under stressful conditions that made them to brake the law while in search of a better living. You can help this people to make better choices by showing them the importance of positive morals.

When taking your training in the law enforcement field, you get a chance to benefit from the physical strength exercises and academic training that helps to improve your life in a positive way. Most police training exercises involves physical practices that helps to build body endurance for many years. According to medical research, police officers have reduced risks of contracting body illness such as obesity, heart diseases and other physical body complications that are brought by lack of regular exercise. The best part about becoming a police officer is that you learn a lot of information in your training institution or academy. The training you receive may help you to raise your family with good morals and virtues.

how hard is it to become a police officerMany people enjoy problem solving tasks and creating solution on problematic challenges. There are very few career fields that are more challenging than the law enforcement. Police are obliged with duties that invokes all types of challenges, both physical and mental. When in the police force you will have to outdo the bad guys in order to generate working solutions. You will often encounter people in conflict and you will need to do your best to come up with an agreeable solution. By helping people solve their problems, you become more experienced with life problematic situations, this helps you to become more knowledgeable on how to solve similar cases that reflects the same nature.

If you have always desired to work for your community, the best way you can positively change it is by using the law enforcement field. People are always social and many of them have some spirit of brotherhood that makes one to feel the need of help other people. When working in the police force you are obligated with duties of promoting good life in your community. When you perform your duties accordingly, you get a chance to build a brighter future for yourself and your entire family.

Why I Chose a Medical Career

As a follow up to the article I published from a good friend of mine the other day on why he chose a criminal justice career, today I thought I’d share with you why exactly I chose a medical career.

The world of medical practice does not have enough people. Choosing to become a medical practitioner is not really a matter or sleeping, dreaming and deciding that you want to become a doctor. Most people who are doctors had thought about this practice for years before they went to medical school. Becoming a doctor is really more of a calling than a choice. It is one of those careers that you really have to put a lot of effort before you can become successful. If you want to learn more about being successful in medical careers, I highly suggest you check out Med Career Hub, which is an excellent resource on the topic.

The worst thing about medical practice is not really the studying part, it is the work. There are times, during your studies or practice when you will find yourself saying something like, “Why I chose a medical career, I do not know.” Discouragements are many during your studies and practice but name any career where there are no discouragements.

Coping with the discouragements

Some of the things that discourage people in medical school are just so trivial and they are found in just about any other areas of practice. One of them is exhaustion. Regardless of which career you choose, you are bound to be tired every now and then. When it comes to medical practice, this exhaustion may be amplified. Staying away for 36hours may sound ridiculous and nearly impossible to some people. However, doctors particularly those who work in emergency rooms have to do so.

The other discouragement is difficult professors or supervisors. There are some professors who may come off as mean because they want to. They are the kind who will make you wonder what you are doing in a medical class. However, shockingly enough you will find that some simply want to trim the class and find those who are able to withstand the trials and tribulations of medical practice.

Choosing a medical specialty

What do you like doing most? If you are able to answer this question with regard to medical practice, you will be good to go. People who love working with children can specialize in pediatrics. However, if you love working with children but you cannot afford to inject a child because he/she will cry, you would rather go for something like psychiatry or psychology.

It is not that surgeons are sadistic but a majority of them enjoy opening up people’s bodies to correct problems. If you have no problem slicing through some flesh and sewing it up, then you are likely going to make a great surgeon. Educating the public on how to keep away from certain infections is what public health specialists do. Basically, when you get into medical school, you will be able to choose whichever area you want to specialize in. You can even specialize in treatment of a particular disease.

Doctors who do not practice

There are so many opportunities for doctors who do not want to practice. Of course you have to graduate from medical school first, which is an odious experience for some people. When you have gathered enough experience, you can go into private practice if you want. However, when you feel that you cannot stand medical practice anymore, you can go ahead into business. If you feel that you do not want to practice but you want to remain in the medical world, you can seek a job to become a medical professor at the university. Here you will train other people on how to become doctors.

Why I Chose a Criminal Justice Career

This is an excellent article from a good friend of mine who is in a criminal justice career that I’d like to share with you.

So as to help others

There exists a number of surveys performed that clearly show that a major reason that influences someone to take part in law enforcement careers is simply to assist those that are weak and cannot defend themselves. Out there, the number of careers that offer such opportunities diversely are quite few indeed. Criminal justice careers normally provide you with a chance to incorporate your skills and strengths so as to do good things. This can be either helping crime victims as victims’ advocate, as a forensic psychologist whose work is counseling and rehabilitating criminals or even overseeing probation as a community officer or a parole.

Job stability

Most jobs involving criminal justice plus criminology offer you with unmatchable job stability and security levels. With enough fortitude to do this, be sure of fully enjoying a career that’s free of ebbs and various flows associated with private job market. Even though high paying jobs do exist but you decide to settle down with criminology, you are bound to obtaining peace of mind because you actually know that your job is quite safe so long as you are always faithful to high ethical levels that are required in such a career.

You get to actively engage your brain

Stereotype police are currently disappearing hence this means that modern criminal justice officers and law enforcement professionals are required to be faster thinkers with a will to combat several discouraging challenges. It doesn’t matter what career you are engaged in but all that is required in all these instances is ability to apply mental capability so as to solve any kind of problems. This is to be prolific to you and your career day after day. Criminology careers as compared to any other career is more demanding in terms of mental ability. Normally,the public puts immense expectations on available protectors plus its public servants therefore such careers bring forth rewarding challenges that are meant to keep your job more interesting, no matter what year of experience you are currently in.

Health and other retirement benefits

As compared to other private sector jobs, public service careers tend to be characterized by more attractive retirement and insurance packages even though the landscape is somewhat varying now and then. This in relation to criminal and criminology sector, its much sweeter.Most Criminal justice careers tend to exhibit high accrual levels which hereby means that you will be able to not only earn a lot but also to retire when you are still quite young. These jobs require physical attention most of the time thereby it means that you will be able to live a healthier, longer life.

Incredible experiences and opportunities

During your career period, its most likely that you will come to physically meet people you’ve only dream of meeting with. You also get ample time so that you are able to advance tremendously. This means unique and new experiences. Its by fact that in criminal justice and criminology careers, you will achieve what you always wanted and even more.

Top Ten Medical Careers

Medicine is one of the most lucrative areas of practice in the world. It does not matter what kind of medical practice you find yourself in, you are likely to be paid quite well in just about all fields. However, there are some fields of medical practice that tend to pay better than others. There are others that tend to be more popular that even the high paying fields. Choosing an area of specialty in medicine is all about proper decision making. Before choosing it would be prudent to discover whether you are cut out for the demands of the top ten medical careers that are listed here.


Surgery is by far the most lucrative medical career one can ever undertake. Operating on people to cure, remove or repair disease or injury is what surgeons specialize in. Due to the diversity and complexity of the human body, surgeons specialize on particular body parts or organs. However, there are general surgeons. These ones deal with virtually all parts of the body. The highest paid surgeons are undoubtedly neurosurgeons (dealing with the head) and cardiac surgeons (heart surgeon).


These people seem to be doing such a simple job but in truth it is a really complex task. They examine patients and determine the exact amount of anesthesia that should be administered. The will also do the administration, monitor its effects and make adjustments during the surgical procedure.


Cancer patients will pay a visit to one of these people. They are specialists on diagnosis and management of cancer. Clinical oncologists are the one you find when you go to radiotherapy session. Medical oncologists deal with drugs to treat cancer.


Here is a fun fact, psychiatrists and psychologists are very different- just that the movies never got the memo. In their defense, the difference is quite minute. Psychiatrists deal with mental disorders. They will study, diagnose and treat disorders and illnesses of the mind using psychotherapy and/or medication. You can think of them as psychologists who have gone to medical school and studied human anatomy.


They are probably the most dreaded doctors in the world. Kids across the globe hear of the dentist and they shiver. These practitioners focus on treating everything that is found in the oral cavity including teeth, gums and all other parts of the mouth.


They are closely related to dentists but their work is mostly in restoration. They will repair damaged or missing teeth and other structures that are related to the jaws and the mouth. They work to correct and preserve a person’s appearance.


Also related to dentists they work focusing on prevention and treatment of teeth irregularities, jaw relationships and all the structures that are located around the mouth. They are the people who prescribe braces to children. Instead of thinking of them as dentists, you can count them to be cosmetic surgeons who work to augment physical appearance and also close up any gaps between teeth.


Specialty is in women’s health. They are specifically in the practice to handle issues that are related to the female reproductive system- pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual cycles and menopause. It is hard than it sounds.


Do not be fooled by the name. They are not interns, in any way. These are practitioners with adequate knowledge of treating the internal organs without employing surgery. They mostly focus on adult treatment providing comprehensive care to their patients as well as dealing with acute and chronic conditions.


Their expertise is in matters pertaining to the leg, foot and ankle. They will work to solve problems like corns, injuries, arch problems and diseases that affect the feet like diabetes, arthritis etc. They can also specialize in surgery.

These are generally the top ten medical careers but there are so many other areas of practice including pediatrics (dealing with child healthcare), veterinary care etc. To become a medical practitioner of any kind is a calling. Do you have the calling?

Top Ten Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal justice careers are well paying; they focus most on catching criminal’s such as FBI agents and detectives, criminologist or psychologists assist in exploring the motivation and mind of a criminal, most of those carrier calls for a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree, below is a well detailed list of top criminal and justice carriers that are known to be well paying.


Lawyers are present in every aspect of criminal justice system as prosecutor, defense attorney or researching law to try the case, for one to become a lawyer one ought to have a bachelor’s degree plus a 3 years’ experience from a school of law that is accredited by the American Bar Association, this carrier is financially rewarding with an average salary of $1125000 and thus this is a best carrier for one to venture into as it is capable of sustaining ones live style.


This is a person who delves and motivates a criminal in various way to help fathom on why the broke the law, sometimes they may work hand in hand with investigators to arrest the criminal, they provides clues to lawyers on their criminal activities to help them understand the inmates in prisons and jail.

According to BLS criminology is a specialty of sociology this carrier requires a master’s degree for one to venture in it, average paid criminologist pockets $72000 and thus it is a good rewarding carrier.

Police detective

Those are officers that despite being on patrol they carry out detective investigation and gathers important information from law breakers that aid in bring them to justice, they interviews suspects and also testifies in court they work with other agencies in investigating a serious crime. The lowest paid in this carrier pockets about $68000 a month thus it is one of a best paying carrier available.

Business intelligence analyst

This is a person who produces market intelligence by generating periodic report and querying data repositories he also identify information patterns from available data sources.

Retail loss prevention specialist

A person on this carrier implements ways and system to eliminate merchandise loss, he conducts audit and monitors employee’s activities, and he may also take part in in policy development and systems to safeguard properties.

Mental health counselor

They deal with emphasis on prevention, the work with addict, stress management and help in raising their self-esteem.

Police patrol officer

He patrols areas assigned to him and enforces law and orders, control crowd, regulates traffic, prevent crimes and arrest violators.

Intelligence analyst

His work is to gathering, analyzing and evaluates data from various sources such as database, intelligence network and geographic information; he uses this intelligent information to prevent criminal activities. This carrier calls for years of experience in computer for one to work better.

Federal Marshals

They are important members of executive branch in US their work is to secure federal courts, give protection to court officers and ensures smooth running of judicial system by providing security, they also transport prisoners and determines fugitive’s location. One to venture in this carrier one need to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal and justice, it is thus clear that criminal carrier are many and well paying for one to venture in them.

All About Firefighter Training

Firefighters are known for their red fire trucks, high speeds, ladders and heights, neon colored outfits mostly bright yellow, green, orange and red and are regarded as our modern day heroes in society. They are well trained to fight fires and help in calamities and they lead risky lives everytime they try to put out a fire. The irony is that despite the risks involved many still admire the job for its adventurous and heroic nature and want to become heroes as well. Becoming a firefighter needs guts, strength and training. One should be able to think fast whilst on their feet.

For you to qualify as an active firefighter you need in the least to be 18 or 21 years of age. This age aspect varies in different places. You should have a high school credential or its equal although some fire departments nowadays require college education. You have to be physically fit and of sound mind with perfect vision and have no criminal record. You are supposed to attend 600 training hours over a period of 12 to 14 weeks which equates to 40- 48 weekly hours. The training itself is a full time job and it takes place at a training academy often managed by the fire department, a university or a division of the state government.

Firefighting is a field that is very competitive with thousands of applicants yearly from all over the country. Hiring takes place every 2years in most of the departments giving positions to 30 people at once. Some departments require college credits from recognized colleges or universities while others need medical certification in the applications. To enter you must sit for three exams; a Candidate Physical Ability Test, a written test and an aptitude test. Some of the main areas of testing are reasoning, observation, logic, memory, awareness, agility, endurance and strength. All these tasks are timed and they reflect the students daily training activities.

Physical tests vary in all academy but mainly include lifting of heavy sand sacks using rope, running up and down stadiums or stairs or jogging in parking garages. They have live fire training to develop the students skills practically. This kind of training is done in burn buildings which are specifically meant for this purpose. Everyone is given a chance to practice fire extinguishing with a nozzle and for this task they are must be in their uniform. These clothes are made to withstand high temperatures of up to about 1,200 degrees Fahreinheit. This type of training develops one’s experience in dealing with fire by giving them the same environment to work in.Read more about firefighter training in this excellent article:

Firefighters must be flexible in their schedule and disciplined. They are trained to be well behaved through exposure and have good habits instilled in them through this training. They should be able to handle stressful situations fast and have to be critical thinkers. How you perform through your training is a sure sign of your future job performance. Good health is key to avoid straining during practice. Firefighting is a very dangerous yet rewarding career.

Tips for Developing a Successful Career

The most effective methods to create a vocation is an inquiry on every expert’s personality. If a sprouting proficient or to working proficiently, one can just do with additional career map development tips. Give me a chance to impart a few tips on career advancement which are dependent on the profession by taking in and watching different experts with fruitful professions.

Choose Your Career With Care:

Not everybody is lucky enough to pick a career or choose a profession of decision right at the onset. For numerous experts the vocation advancement trip begins with an occupation that he/she terrains up in the wake of finishing the edge capabilities. As the years progressed, gaining abilities and skills one steadily creates an expert. When you get a chance to pick your profession, give a hard think to the alternatives and chances before you choose your picked vocation.

Build Your Skills:

This Success Tip is noticeably vital. Put resources into expertise building and obtaining aptitude in your general vicinity. Learning and ability is dependably at a premium in any calling. All the more thus, to manage victory, one necessities to continually redesign abilities and include new skills as the world is always showing signs of change are so are the requests of an expert to support triumph

Get A Development Plan:

Who will provide for you an arrangement however for you for your profession. If it is a picked or unplanned, the day you get up to your long for having a fruitful vocation, get yourself an arrangement. Contact consultants or guides to characterize a turning point driven arrange and work perseveringly towards attaining those. Do you know you won’t even need an outside inspiration to seek after the objectives once you graph them for yourself.

Create A Roadmap For Your Career:

It is essential to have a profession guide for yourself with characterized turning points. When your generally advancement arrangement is composed, make fleeting developments guide that will keep you on your toes to attain them such that your bigger vocation objective is met and you keep on developping yourself effectively. Short points of reference (commonly, yearly or something like that) will guarantee you are persistently pursuing a target and don’t get diverted from your profession building adventure.


Candidates must have the capacity to screen advance viably by benchmarking execution against predefined criteria. For a lot of people, this is regularly completed through execution surveys with line administration. More senior profession minded experts may utilize vocation coaches to layout phases of movement and assess execution against set targets.


They must be sensibly achievable with obviously characterized phases of movement. Targets and activity arrangements might be set at each one phase of movement. Unreasonable goals might be de-propelling, unhelpful and will eventually prompt a feeling of disappointment. More vital goals possibly harder to accomplish and will for the most part take longer.


Career destinations must have an acceptable connection by being important to current circumstances, expected vocation way and adjusted to an arranged technique. A significant target gives clear ability to read a compass and extra centering.

Time Focused:

Specifying timescales and due dates are significant generally profession goals might never be met. Successful profession arrangements may as well have plainly characterized time periods. A decently organized arrangement with reasonable timescales guarantees a feeling of direness and reason.

Targets and Career Progression:

Fruitful profession movement is frequently based around a successful and generally organized vocation plan. Attaining the by and large profession destination ought to be the last conclusion of any career plan.

How to Have an Awesome Career

In the modern world, life has over the years become more about making ends meet. The cost of living has gone up and finding gainful employment has become more difficult. The rates of unemployment have also risen in many countries across the globe. As such, many people stick to the job they secure, as long as it enables them to meet their day to day needs. Consequently, most of these people are stuck in jobs that they do not like or from which they do not derive satisfaction. While getting a job is important, it is not the only thing that matters. It is crucial that one learns how to have an awesome career.

How to have an awesome career

Having a career that meets the expectations of an individual can enhance their physical and mental well-being. One will enjoy doing their job and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Some measures can greatly make for a successful and awesome career.

Having an awesome mentor

Before one enters the job market, they usually have many people who offer advice on matters relating to their desired career. University lecturers are always willing to provide guidance to their students. Moreover, career fairs are held to equip student with the knowledge necessary for the working world. Similarly, one should get a reliable and experienced mentor to guide, advice and support them through their career.

Having a sense of purpose

One of the best ways to realize an awesome career is to give meaning to one’s work. In line with this, it will mostly be about the impact that one’s work has on others. If one discovers the purpose of their job and how they help others through their work, they will have a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Consequently, they will be happy workers in an awesome career.


Attitude plays an important role in informing the direction that an individual’s life will take. It follows then, that a positive attitude towards a job, supervisors, colleagues and the office environment will lead to positive results. One may actually secure a promotion based on a combination of hard work, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Knowing what the job demands of an employee

Discovering what is expected of one in the work station is very important. It will fortify their efficiency and effectiveness in discharging their duties. One will also easily meet the targets set and deliver results as expected of their position at work. This may result in a promotion at work.

Constantly improving one’s knowledge and skills

Constant improvement of knowledge and skills relevant to the job description is a recommendation of career advisers. A knowledgeable employee will have greater chances of scaling the heights of the given profession.

Building and maintaining positive relationships

Studies have indicated that positive relationships at work are a great source of happiness and pleasure. In effect, building and maintaining a friendly and cordial relationship with both managers and colleagues will prevent the stress that is mostly associated with work. Besides, the networks formed through such relationships will open more doors of opportunity in the profession.

Ensuring a balance

Working long hours does not necessarily result in an awesome career. However, balancing time for work, family time and personal time may be the secret to a happy career.

With the knowledge on how to have an awesome career, everyone who is engaged in gainful employment can derive pleasure and satisfaction from their work. An awesome career will have far-reaching benefits.

The Best Types of Jobs to Get

Finding a job can be a daunting tasks especially in a place like the US where about half of the fresh graduates are either jobless or underemployed. It’s normal for college graduates to worry about the best types of jobs to get. A lot of these graduates go for internship programs but even these are not guaranteed to land someone their dream job. So what can people in such situations do? Well not all is bleak. Freelance jobs offer the best chance of being self-employed and getting a lot of money mostly from the back of their computer screens.

Freelancing offers opportunities for both college students who have a first internet connection, a computer and a skill to offer. People can and have made a lot of money online freelancing where they can utilize the skills they already have or build up on new skills. You might be wondering about what this is all about. Well freelancing basically refers to doing tasks and jobs that other people do not have the skills, tie or inclination to do themselves. One can think of it as some type of outsourcing where others make use of a person’s skills and in turn pay for them. The good thing about freelancing is that all one needs is a computer, a first internet connection and commitment. One doesn’t need to impress others on an interview or keep knocking from door to door. As long as they can demonstrate the skills they have, there’s a ready market for them.

How it works

What happens in a typical scenario is that a person will post a job or a project on an online freelance website where freelancers who are interested will apply for it. They need to provide information such as how long they would take to complete the task, how much they would be charging and why the person who has posted the job should pick them and not someone else. The individual who posted the job gets to decide who they want to do the job once they have agreed on the terms and the duration the job is going to take. Once the project has been sent back to the client, he or she can approve and then make payments to the freelancer. The biggest advantage of freelancing the stark number of different jobs one can do from writing to website designing. What freelancing does is that it makes unnecessary the need to being employed for someone and instead exposes one directly to their job market and under their own terms.

Just to show how versatile freelancing is, we will list some of the projects and jobs one can bid to do from the freelancing sites;

• Article Writing

• Virtual Personal Assistant

• Proofreading

• Editing

• Programming

• Graphic Design

• Data Analysis

• Copywriting

• Transcription

• Translation

• Data Entry

• Spreadsheet Work

• Online Research

There are many freelance sites that a person can choose from them. They each have their advantages and disadvantages so it’s advisable to go through the top ones and decide when best suits a person’s individual needs and goals. Some of them include, Elance,, oDesk and clickworker. There are loads of jobs waiting so instead of complaining about lack of employment one should get click on their computers and start getting paid.